2nd Grade, Mighty Migrations - download

Type: Next Generation Science in the Garden
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2nd Grade Unit
Mighty Migrations: How Seeds and Pollen Travel

Students investigate the driving question, “How do seeds and pollen travel?” After creating garden agreements together, students begin the unit by examining dispersal structures on diverse seeds in order to construct explanations for how seeds travel. Students continue investigating seed structures that allow them to cling to fur , soar through the air, or travel away from their parent plants in other ways. Students apply this knowledge to design a solution that allows a bean seed to soar for as long as possible. Then students investigate pollinators and determine how pollinators help plants reproduce. At the end of the unit, students design a pollinator wand based on the structures of, and systems connecting, flowers and pollinators. This unit is designed for students to make progress towards Performance Expectation: 2-LS2-2. Develop a simple model that mimics the function of an animal in dispersing seeds or pollinating plants.


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