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Earth is Home - 1st Grade Life Lab Science

Type: School Garden Activity Guides
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Earth is Home - First Grade Teacher Resource Manual

Investigate the concepts of diversity and cycles while studying the differences among organisms. Themes include: plant life, soil, weather, and garden creatures.

Includes parent letters and downloadable digital student lab book - Download HERE

First Sampler Packet


Life Lab Science offers teacher friendly, hands-on units that children can dig into! Recognized by the Smithsonian Institute as an “outstanding curriculum,” Life Lab Science is a core curriculum which integrates earth, life, and physical science concepts within the context of a Living Laboratory school garden. Inquiry-oriented lessons, both outdoors and in the classroom, encourage students to ask questions and explore multiple solutions. Unit topics, such as soil, water, weather, plants, and animals use a developmental approach based on students' prior knowledge. Assessment is embedded in the activities and extensions are included.

Life Lab Science is garden-based and grade level specific (K-5). Teacher instructional manuals include pre- and post-assessment, unit planners, parent letters, and suggested connections to language arts, math, and social studies. View the complete curriculum (K-5) Scope and Sequence to learn how each unit of Life Lab Science supports science process skills and life, earth and physical science concepts.

"I am a scientist have a Ph.D in molecular/microbiology, but I am a mom first. When I came to my son's 2nd grade class and found that the 'science' kids were doing consisted of making dinosaur dioramas, I knew the school needed to do more. I wanted elementary school students to be exposed to true, hands-on science. I chose Life Lab to fill the void because the science was sound. The Life Lab program provides true experiments for students and inspires in them a love of science." - Volunteer Garden Coordinator near San Diego, CA.

First grade - third grade curriculum is sent with one copy of the lab book. Fourth and fifth grade curriculum comes with lab pages in their appendices.

Download Life Lab Science lesson matrix that links science lessons to gardening skills.

Adopting a garden-based science program at your school? Have Life Lab train your teachers. Life Lab has trained tens of thousands of teachers in over 1,500 locations. Learn more about Life Lab Science Curriculum Teacher Workshops

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