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The Book of Gardening Projects for Kids (Hardback)

Type: The Book of Gardening Projects for Kids
Price: $29.95


This inspiring guide offers simple, practical advice as it takes you step-by-step through more than 100 engaging, family-friendly garden activities. Whether you're playing leapfrog over pumpkins, harvesting a six-plant part burrito, cooking up a compost cake, weaving lavender wands, or pickling pears, the fun-filled memories will last a lifetime.

Video created by our publisher Timber Press.


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Table of Contents

Becoming Human Cameras

Cook's Confetti: Edible Flowers

Potato Pancakes and Potato Prints

The Fine Art of Flower Pounding (view our video on Flower Pounding)

Sunny Seed Green Bean Pate

Front and Back Cover


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