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The Growing Classroom: Garden-Based Science and Nutrition Activity Guide 

This book is currently on backorder but will be available by the end of June 2024.

This award-winning resource book for educators contains 480 pages of science, math, language arts, and nutrition activities that you can do with your students in the garden. A searchable online database cross-maps each activity to Next Generation Science and Common Core Math and English Language Arts Standards. Lesson topics include soil, plants, cycles, ecology, weather, nutrition, and food systems. Also includes team-building and sensory exploration activities, organic gardening skills, and information on how to create and sustain a successful school garden program. The fourth edition includes a new chapter on Healthy Eating, an expanded resource section on Cooking with Kids, over 25 student lab sheets for experiments, and more.

Sample Lessons:

  • Group Juggle - Students toss balls and learn one another's names
  • Lighthouse - One student guides another, blindfolded student through a maze of people
  • Space Travelers - Students work in small groups to explore the composition of soil
  • Six of One, Half Dozen of the Other - Groups of students use multiple senses to find and classify contrasting objects in the natural environment.
  • A Day at the Races - Students prepare soil flats using five different soil conservation techniques and then compare water flow and soil loss.
  • Seed Ya Later - Students explore seeds and learn about how they are adapted for travel. They then search around the garden or other outdoor areas for examples of seeds that travel in different ways.

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Life Lab offers one- or two-day trainings using the The Growing Classroom. Learn more about The Growing Classroom: Intensive on Garden-Based Learning Educator Workshop.

Recent comment from a Growing Classroom user:

"Recently I purchased your book The Growing Classroom and can’t thank you enough for this wonderful resource. One of our 3rd grade teachers and I started using the lessons and are blown away by the simple set up and amazing outcome for the students. The whole school community loves the program." - Parent and School Garden Chair, Hopi Elementary School, Phoenix, AZ

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