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Complete Certification Series- Spring 2022
03/09/2022 - 06/22/2022


  • $1,400.00



Become a confident and knowledgeable garden educator that inspires a love of learning, an appreciation of healthy food, and connection to nature in every child through garden-based education! Throughout all 4 courses participants will learn how to set up their garden classroom as a safe and welcoming space that honors diversity and inclusion while supporting each child’s social and emotional wellbeing. We will learn gardening tips and tricks with children while also demonstrating activities that engage children in using their senses to explore the natural world. We will learn how to use a garden to breathe life into standards-based lessons based on Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and Common Core Language Arts and Math. Additionally we will use Life Lab lessons and recipes to explore effective ways to teach nutrition and encourage kids to eat more fruits and vegetables. In the last course, we will discuss key elements of building a strong school garden culture. And explore different, sustainable school garden program models; planning tools to align year-round garden activities with academic and garden care goals; methods for assessing garden programs; and strategies for increasing funding.
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